cd release party

woop woop
(it's a party)

anywho, I did want to let you know that my little CDs have been made, and are stacking up in a lovely shimmering pile on my desk. The artwork isn't done yet, but I expect it to be completed in a week or so. actually it's almost done now, but the momentum just isn't rolling that fast.
IF you want a CD
send me $5, (to cover costs)
to talitha phillips
bu #10073
Binghamton NY 13902-6010

give me your mailing address too
and i will send you a cd
autographed... not that you need proof of knowing me since our SOULS were un-rippably bound together at syi.

good deal, no?
spread the word
love, me
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So I know that this whole Livejournal thing kind of flopped, but oh well. How is everyone out there? I miss SYI more than ever lately. I took seven rolls of film there, and posted every single picture onto my wall last night. It's amazing. But it makes me miss you guys SO MUCH! How is everyone?